-   Promote Brain & Body health, rehabilitation and harmony while having fun playing Table Tennis  -

Core values

Our values remain the foundation of our existence. We have a clear SIGHT to build a support system to empower every individual to deliver to their full potential. Listen until you fully understand the problem.

Why Table Tennis?

Why TT4 Good

Table tennis, is played by over 300 million people worldwide, according to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), making it one of Earth's most popular sports. Table tennis is much more than a sport. It creates fun, exercises your body and help keeps you happy.

There is a lot of study going around table tennis and its impact to brain and overall physical health. Wendy Suzuki, a tenured professor of neuroscience at New York University and author of "Healthy Brain, Happy Life," a new book exploring how physical exercise can affect the human brain. She mentions that "Attention is increasing, memory is increasing, you have a better mood.

And you're building motor circuits in your brain. A bigger part of your brain is being activated. Table tennis is a relatively smaller playing area with ball travelling at a lightning speed – one has to think, strategize and react fast.” This sounds like speed chess without a chair and continuous movement on tip toe in squat position – quite an exercise.

Benefits Of Table Tennis


  • Helps child brain development
  • More social interaction in the era of technology
  • Gross motor development


  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Enhances body reflexesy
  • Builds motor circuits
  • It's easy on the joints
  • Promotes long term memory
  • It keeps your brain sharp


  • Reduction in aggressive behaviour
  • Helps calm down
  • Help youth attain focus