About Table Tennis 4 Good

We are Table Tennis For Good Limited, a Nonprofit Public Company Limited by Guarantee based in Singapore established in 2020. Our goal is to use Table Tennis as a medium to promote brain & general health, rehabilitation and harmony while having fun playing.

Programs are developed that have basis in science for people to benefit from Table Tennis

Our Story

Sunil Raghavan, a Singapore based IT Professional, and a Table Tennis enthusiast was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease in 2015. He has a 6.5 years old son diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called CardioFacioCutenious (CFC) syndrome. Both these conditions don’t have a cure. This upside diagnosis of mine completely changed me as a person. My outlook towards the journey of life changed and motive to live got much more meaningful, says Sunil.

Table Tennis has helped both Sunil and his son to show remarkable improvement in their respective conditions. We are all responsible to contribute towards our community in our own little ways. Table tennis being a passion for Sunil, he decided to give back that he learned in the darkest days of his life. Together with the help of few friends, they formed “Table Tennis For Good Limited”.