Our Programs

Scientifically backed, drug free programs using Table Tennis based activitie. We remain committed towards good health while having fun playing table tennis.


BDAP stand for “Beat Dementia And Parkinson”. “BDAP” is a tailor-made program with attention being given to improving the quality of life of people with Parkinson and Dementia by playing Table Tennis (aka Ping Pong). The set of activities developed under this program is a focused approach to attain physical and brain exercise while having fun playing. The volunteers will help train/spar with the participants to make the play more productive yet joyful.



TTFE stand for “Table Tennis For Elderly”. Table Tennis has always been a drug free way to enhance your brain power. This program is designed in a way to improve your overall body health while ensuring fun and remain challenging.



At TTFG we refrain from calling Autism a disorder, rather it is a different way of understanding things. We believe that no child is a special needs child, and every child is a special needs child. We all must take care of the special needs of our children. Playing table tennis enhances mind capacity, improves social interactions, kids get more communicable and build a stronger relationship around them.

In some studies, it was also observed that regularly playing table tennis helps frontal projections of the cerebrum, which eventually is responsible for kids to enhance thinking capacity and fruitful decision making.

Program developed are to enable Table Tennis players to create a change in kids with Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD, leading them to a better life. Focus is being given to encourage kids in getting engaged in work and recreational activity for them.

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