By signing Table Tennis For Good’s (“TT4G”) Volunteer Registration Form, you have read and understood the terms of the Volunteer Programme Guidelines (“Guidelines”). The Guidelines provide objectives and expectations of all volunteers engaged in community service at TT4G.


In these Guidelines, the following words and expressions have the following meanings:

  • “Beneficiaries” refer to people who partake in TT4G’s Services.
  • “Services” refers to any of the Volunteering Services listed in the Volunteer Registration Form.
  • “Volunteer” refers to the person whose name is indicated on the Volunteer Registration Form.

Words denoting one gender include both genders.

Expected Conduct from Volunteers

The Volunteer shall carry out his duties in connection with the Services responsibly and competently. This includes:

  • being present for his duties, as instructed by his programme / volunteer coordinator;
  • informing his programme / volunteer coordinator as early as possible if he will be unavailable;
  • maintaining a culture of inclusivity and respect among Beneficiaries, staff and volunteers;observing all safety procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of Beneficiaries;
  • not bringing harm to any person or property in the performance of the Services; being appropriately dressed for his duties; not bringing TT4G and its name into disrepute;
  • not being under the influence of alcohol and non-prescription drugs during the performance of the Services;
  • not falsifying any documents or records; avoiding situations which may result in a conflict of interest with TT4G (e.g. other commitments, roles in other organisations);
  • not using TT4G’s property (including intellectual property) or resources for any purpose other than to perform the Services;
  • not sharing personal contacts (e.g. the Volunteer’s mobile number and personal email) with Beneficiaries and not keeping in contact with Beneficiaries outside designated hours of volunteering; not engaging in sales, marketing or promotion of products or services in the course of performing the Services;
  • not promoting any particular religion in the course of performing the Services; not seeking or accepting rewards, benefits or gifts in the course of performing the Services, except where TT4G decides to give the Volunteer, rewards, benefits or gifts.
  • not taking photos or videos of Beneficiaries; not posting photos or videos of Beneficiaries or volunteers on publicly accessible reports, advertisements and social media or any other platforms; and not acting as a spokesperson for TT4G.
Volunteer Disclaimers

If the Volunteer is registering to take part in the Services of TT4G, the Volunteer hereby confirms that:

  • The Volunteer is of legal consenting adult age, or has parental or guardian consent.
  • The Volunteer’s participation in the activities of TT4G, like all sports, has a risk of physical injury and the Volunteer fully accepts responsibility for all such risks as a condition of participation.
  • The Volunteer understands and accepts that TT4G, event organisers, premise owners and other volunteers do not accept any liability of any sort for bodily injury, illness or death sustained to or by the Volunteer or loss or damage to any of the Volunteer’s possessions or goods (eg: bicycle, sports equipment, money, vehicles, jewellery, clothing, cameras etc) whatsoever and howsoever their loss or damage is caused.
  • Each Volunteer also consents to the recording of his/her voice, image and likeness captured by any means including cameras/telephones/mobile devices while present in, at or about the event and the transmission of these images/voices in perpetuity by TT4G free of charge, by any means and waives all moral and legal rights in and to any recordings of sound made or images taken.
  • TT4G reserves the right to cancel events in whole or in part without notice, for any reason. Compensation shall not be given.
  • The Volunteer has read and understand the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (as updated from time to time).
Storage, Disclosure and Use of TT4G’s Confidential Information
  • In Section 4, “Confidential Information” means any and all information relating to, or in connection with, TT4G’s management, business, operations, processes, trade secrets, intellectual property, and finances as well as all personal data of persons, including Beneficiaries, in TT4G’s possession. For the avoidance of doubt, such Confidential Information shall include any information provided to the Volunteer in documentary form (physically or digitally) or in oral form, which at the time of provision is marked or otherwise designated to show expressly or by necessary implication that it is imparted in confidence.
  • The Volunteer shall not disclose any Confidential Information, or allow it to be disclosed, in whole or in part to any third party.
  • The Volunteer shall not use Confidential Information, or allow it to be used, in whole or in part for any purpose other than for the performance of the Services.
  • Clauses 3.2 and 3.3 do not apply to information that:
  • is publicly available or becomes publicly available otherwise than through an act or omission of the Volunteer;

    was in the possession of or known by the Volunteer prior to receipt from TT4G as evidenced in writing, except to the extent that such information was unlawfully appropriated; was rightfully disclosed to the Volunteer by a third party;

    was independently developed without using any Confidential Information from TT4G; or the Volunteer is required to disclose by law or a court order.

The Volunteer shall return to TT4G all documents or media containing any such Confidential Information and any and all copies or extracts thereof to TT4G upon a written request from TT4G.

Intellectual Property
  • The Volunteer understands that all rights, titles and interests in intellectual property developed by the Volunteer in the course of performing the Services (“Intellectual Property”) is solely owned by TT4G.
  • The Volunteer shall ensure that the Intellectual Property does not infringe any intellectual property, proprietary or contractual rights of a third party.
TT4G’s Commitment to Volunteers
  • TT4G shall provide Volunteers an orientation of TT4G’s mission, core values, and relevant information on TT4G’s volunteering programmes and opportunities.
  • Due to the nature of dementia, TT4G shall provide Volunteers with clear descriptions of the nature of the volunteering activity and ensure that Volunteers are equipped to handle the specific tasks assigned.
  • TT4G shall be receptive and open to feedback from Volunteers, in order to collaboratively work toward improving the environment for volunteering, and thereby better our Services for Beneficiaries.
  • We seek your cooperation in adhering to the Volunteer Programme Guidelines, so that volunteering at TT4G may be a meaningful and fulfilling experience.
I accept the Terms of Service