What’s Include Under TTFE?

  • Table Tennis Bats : Lite weight bats to ensure elderly can enjoy the game while not having to worry about getting tired due to bat weight.
  • Large size Table Tennis Balls : We will also bring balls that are slightly big in size than the usual balls to ensure people find it easy to play.
  • Table Tennis Session : Custom table tennis intervention program focused on improving players’ flexibility, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Mindfulness Meditation : Mindfulness meditation for stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders
  • Digital Cognitive Brain Health Scan : We partnered with Cognifyx to leverage their comprehensive Digital Brain Health Program to seek progress reports on Cognitive and Behavioral Science patten which help you Peak your Brain Performance
  • TTFG Certified Trainers : Our experienced trainers will come to your venue or you are invited at venue hosted by us to have TTFE sessions

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