What’s Include Under BDAP?

  • Table Tennis Bats : Lite weight bats to ensure elderly can enjoy the game while not having to worry about getting tired due to bat weight.
  • Large size Table Tennis Balls : We will also bring balls that are slightly big in size than the usual balls to ensure people find it easy to play.
  • Table Tennis Session : Custom table tennis intervention program focused on muscle endurance, hand-eye coordination, motor improvement, cognitive enhancements, improve memory, Upper body exercise, Overall movement. This is a progressive yet fun way to help benefit people with Parkinson & Dementia Mindfulness Meditation : Mindfulness meditation for stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders
  • Digital Cognitive Brain Health Scan : We partnered with Cognifyx to leverage their comprehensive Digital Brain Health Program to seek progress reports on Cognitive and Behavioral Science patten which help you Peak your Brain Performance
  • TTFG Certified Trainers : Our experienced trainers will come to your venue or you are invited at venue hosted by us to have BDAP session with us. We understand Dementia and Parkinson well and our trainers are equipped with skillset to manage people with these conditions.

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